Christina + Matt Engagements

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I admit that I am terrible at keeping my blog updated with the latest photos I’ve taken.  It’s pretty evident in this post, because Christina and Matt are getting married this weekend, and I am just now posting their engagement photos!  Christina and I both went to Etown College together, and met while living in the same hall.  She always put up with my constant barging into her room to discuss various things (including our shared love of golden retrievers!), so taking these photos was a blast! Her fiance Matt is in the military, and while he may not share our intense love of all things golden and furry, he is a super great guy!

We took these photos in a little town called Lititz, which is home to the Wilbur Chocolate factory, which served as the backdrop for some of the photos.  I can’t wait to go back and snag some delicious chocolate again, and i also can’t wait to photograph Christina and Matt’s wedding super soon! If this photo session was any indication, it’s going to be pretty, pretty awesome!


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Charles + Laura get engaged!

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I’ve known Charles for awhile now, and he is one of the coolest nerdy guys I know, where ‘nerdy’ is a totally complimentary term.  When I found out that he was getting engaged to Laura, I was super stoked for him, and even more stoked when she said yes to him!  (Not that I had any doubts, of course) THEN, I was even more stoked when he asked if I would be their wedding photographer! I met up with them on a chilly day and had a short engagement session in downtown Harrisburg.  There were some surprise flurries in the mix, and some hand warmer malfunctions, but I had a great time photographing them, and can’t wait to shoot their wedding this fall!

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James + Kelly’s Winery Wedding!

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James and Kelly got married on a fabulous day in the central Pennsylvania countryside at Armstrong Valley Winery. They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for a wedding in such a picturesque setting; grape arbors, a brand new gorgeous barn for the reception, and even several barn cats to accompany it!












































James + Kelly: Downtown Engagements!

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I recently had the pleasure of getting in a quick engagement session with James and Kelly in downtown Harrisburg. They both work in the city, so we thought it fitting to shoot some photos in and around the capitol complex! They’re both super fun to be around, and James is a huge horror movie buff like myself.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this September!

Jon & Abby Get Engaged!

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I met Jon and Abby for the first time at their super rad apartment right on the waterfront in Washington DC, and they turned out to be even more rad than the view from their place! My day started out pretty cruddy, seeing as I got a $250 parking ticket, but it quickly turned around because we had a blast just walking around shooting photos! Abby and Jon were some of the most laid back, easy to work with people I’ve met, which made my job that much easier.  Despite walking what seemed to be miles and miles, we never found the nature trails that some signs promised, but we DID manage to find even cooler spots instead! I hope you guys enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.



Packaging & Presentation!

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Every wedding day is super special for each bride, so I decided to make a quick post about the little touches I take to make it even MORE special! I like to put my fine art degree to some use and custom make several things for clients; one of which is a hand painted hanger for the wedding dress customized with the bride’s name and the date. Another thing I like to do for each couple is make custom packaging for the CD of their wedding photos, using awesome eco-friendly things from ! I try to incorporate the colors and themes individual to each wedding to make the best packaging possible!

The photos in this post are the packaging for Jessi and Mason’s photos.  They got engaged in Paris and had a Paris themed rehearsal and wedding, so what better to include than a custom cut landmarks of Paris skyline obi strip!

Sometimes, putting a little extra time and creativity into things can make all the difference. :]

Jessi + Mason

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Jessi and Mason are one of those couples who have been together forever. I mean, FOR-EVER.  They compliment each other perfectly, and they’re some of the funniest, smartest people I’ve had the chance to know, so photographing their wedding was such an honor for me!

I met Jessi in college, and since we were both art majors in a school with approximately 7 other people sharing our major, I spent copious amounts of time with her in every art class known to man and we quickly became friends.  Disclaimer: While she may look eerily like Taylor Swift, Jessi is way cooler; though admittedly, I’ve never seen them both in the same room together. ;] While I may not have known Mason as well or as long, he’s one of the coolest dudes I know (mostly because of his love of The Walking Dead, and the Song of Ice and Fire books, duh)!

Jessi is a dancer as well as an artist, and her nieces made the most adorable flower dancers in their ballerina outfits! In addition, she also painted the centerpieces on each table at the reception, which was a totally rad and personal touch that only she could provide. I should also mention that not only did they have chocolate and rainbow chip wedding cake (seriously, how cool is that?!), they also had Chipotle deliver boxes of burritos as an after dinner mid-reception treat!

ANYWAYS, enjoy the photos of this awesome couple on their equally as awesome wedding day!

Koji’s 6th Annual Holiday Spectacular 2011!

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For the past six years, my friend, musician, and activist Koji has been hosting and headlining a Holiday Spectacular show, which is always a great way to cap off the holiday season! This year’s was held at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, PA and the lineup featured the music of Hostage Calm, Into It. Over It, Minshara, and Godfrey Lane.

The great thing about Koji is that it’s never just about the music; it’s about bringing like minded people together to listen to great music, in great company, and helping others and raising awareness in the process. This year, Koji released a brand new digital EP that was free with a contribution of a non-perishable food item to the Colormake food drive for the Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Colormake also held a raffle sponsored by Koji, Hostage Calm, and Run For Cover records that included t-shirts, cds, and vinyl. All the proceeds from the raffle benefited the Capital Area School for the Arts.

Here’s some photos I snapped at this rad event, and as always, support these great bands by buying their merch or going to see them on tour!

Godfrey Lane:


Into It. Over It.:

Hostage Calm:


Thrice / La Dispute / O’ Brother / Moving Mountains

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Last weekend I made the trek to the Recher Theatre in Townson Maryland to see probably the best tour of the year: Thrice, La DIspute, O’Brother and Moving Mountains.  All the bands were phenomenal, and you should definitely check out their music if you haven’t already!  La Dispute just put out Wildlife,  which is in my opinion, the best album of the year. (buy it here!) And I cannot wait to hear O’Brother’s new album, Garden Window on November 15th.  My only complaints from the evening, however minor, were that the lighting situation was horrible for photographs, and Thrice didn’t play Deadbolt. 16 year old me was super bummed about that one, but they were great nonetheless!

Here’s some shots I got while enjoying the rad jams:

Moving Mountains


La DIspute


Jack & Kim Get Married …and There’s Zoo Animals!

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I’ve said it on here once, and I’ll say it again: Jack and Kim are super rad. You might remember them from their Pittsburgh engagement shoot, and their wedding kicked the awesome factor up another notch! Their reception was at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, which means they had a chinchilla, a skink, an an owl in attendance, in addition to the freaking sharks and polar bears!