Jessi + Mason

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Jessi and Mason are one of those couples who have been together forever. I mean, FOR-EVER.  They compliment each other perfectly, and they’re some of the funniest, smartest people I’ve had the chance to know, so photographing their wedding was such an honor for me!

I met Jessi in college, and since we were both art majors in a school with approximately 7 other people sharing our major, I spent copious amounts of time with her in every art class known to man and we quickly became friends.  Disclaimer: While she may look eerily like Taylor Swift, Jessi is way cooler; though admittedly, I’ve never seen them both in the same room together. ;] While I may not have known Mason as well or as long, he’s one of the coolest dudes I know (mostly because of his love of The Walking Dead, and the Song of Ice and Fire books, duh)!

Jessi is a dancer as well as an artist, and her nieces made the most adorable flower dancers in their ballerina outfits! In addition, she also painted the centerpieces on each table at the reception, which was a totally rad and personal touch that only she could provide. I should also mention that not only did they have chocolate and rainbow chip wedding cake (seriously, how cool is that?!), they also had Chipotle deliver boxes of burritos as an after dinner mid-reception treat!

ANYWAYS, enjoy the photos of this awesome couple on their equally as awesome wedding day!

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