Christina + Matt Engagements

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I admit that I am terrible at keeping my blog updated with the latest photos I’ve taken.  It’s pretty evident in this post, because Christina and Matt are getting married this weekend, and I am just now posting their engagement photos!  Christina and I both went to Etown College together, and met while living in the same hall.  She always put up with my constant barging into her room to discuss various things (including our shared love of golden retrievers!), so taking these photos was a blast! Her fiance Matt is in the military, and while he may not share our intense love of all things golden and furry, he is a super great guy!

We took these photos in a little town called Lititz, which is home to the Wilbur Chocolate factory, which served as the backdrop for some of the photos.  I can’t wait to go back and snag some delicious chocolate again, and i also can’t wait to photograph Christina and Matt’s wedding super soon! If this photo session was any indication, it’s going to be pretty, pretty awesome!


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