Graphiq Nachure Product Shoot – Fall 2011

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I had the great opportunity to shoot product shots for my friend Zach’s line of clothing, Graphiq Nachure.  He’s one of the hardest working young entrepreneurs I know, and his shirt designs are really rad!  Every time I work with Zach and his collaborators, it’s always a good time. Check out this behind the scenes video shot by TJ the Director of this shoot here.

Be on the look out for these dudes, cuz Graphiq Nachure is most definitely going places, and fast! Follow GN on twitter here, and snag a shirt here before they’re gone!

Endless Promos Photos

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I had the chance to shoot some promos for the dudes in Endless, a four-piece metalcore band out of Elizabethtown, PA (the home of my college alma mater!) a couple weeks ago, and turns out they’re super cool dudes. Despite being worried about getting shot up at any moment, the photos came out great!  You can check out their music here.

…and then this happened:


Hannah’s Senior Portraits!

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A couple weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity of shooting senior photos for Hannah, who’s graduating this year! (Congrats!) I’ve been friends with her older sister Krista for awhile, so we even got some shots of her with her sister! What parent doesn’t love photos of their kids together for over the mantle? ;]

Lots of fun times at a local playground, and we even took some of her in her boxing gear, which is a bit of a family tradition! Without further adieu, check out these photos of the fabulous Hannah!

Ashley & Josh Get Married…I Gain a Brother!

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My little sister Ashley got married this past July to my now-brother-in-law Josh, and while I wasn’t their official photographer (being as i was, ya know, in the wedding), I managed to snap some shots along the way.  Because everyone who knows me knows that there’s no way I could resist taking photos.  I mean, my camera IS glued to my hand afterall!




Jack & Kim Engagements!

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I’m starting this off with saying: Jack and Kim RULE! I got to travel out to Pittsburgh to shoot their engagement photos (and will be shooting their upcoming wedding at the end of May!) and had a blast just roaming around the town taking photos with them! They’re both super goofy and it really showed through in their photos.  The only minor downside to the day was there was construction going on so that we couldn’t get any photos by the famous Pittsburgh rivers. Here’s some of my favorites:

Jessi, Mason & don’t forget Maeby!

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I’ve been absent from the blogging game for awhile and now with a redesign, I think it’s time to get back in it and play catch up!

I met Jessi as an art major in college and was thus honored when she got engaged to her longtime beau Mason and asked me to do their engagement photos! A major plus was that they brought their lab pup Maeby (yes, an Arrested Development reference!) along for the ride! I got to travel down to beautiful old town Alexandria, Virginia and take these fabulous photos with the wonderful couple!

Ashley and Trevor!

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I had the opportunity to photograph my friend Ashley’s wedding to the wonderful Trevor (whom I met for the first time at my roommate from college’s wedding, incidentally!) The ceremony and reception were fabulous, and they were a blast to photograph! Here’s a preview:


Kate & Steve’s Etown Wedding Extravaganza!

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Wayyyyy back in May, I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in the wedding of my college roommate of 4 years.  As such, I wasn’t the official paid photographer, but there was no way I wasn’t gonna have my camera glued to me! Here are some shots from the day that I managed to grab when I wasn’t doing my duties as a bridesmaid:

Nothin’ Like Some Ace Augustine Live Photos!

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so my pals in local band Ace Augustine called me up at the last minute Saturday night and asked for me to take some live shots of them for their new myspace layout.  being the accomodating person i am, of course I went down to Warehouse 54 and took some photos for them.  Here’s a couple previews:

Hey, photo blogging world!

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SO.  i’ve started several blogs in my day for my photography, specifically with the intent to keep people up to date with my photo work.  each time i have failed miserably.  with this blog linked to my website, however, i feel that i have a greater chance of succeeding. (go team allison?)

either way, welcome to my blog! hopefully by the end of this weekend, i will have a real update on here with photos- the first of many that will be posted in a timely manner.

my portfolio is getting an overhaul this summer, and after devoting the greater portion of aforementioned summer thus far to my sister’s wedding (which is occuring on july 24th – congrats ashley and josh!), i am looking forward to finally being able to buckle down and concentrate on my photography.

so to summarize: yay for photography, yay for blogging, and yay for those of you getting married this summer! :]